Om mig/About me

Who am I?

I am a Christian teacher who tries to live a good life. By good life I mean both a life of goodness and a life that I find to be good. I love eating well, being outside in god's creation, nature, and every time I get to just enjoy 'now'.

I try to dress plainer than the general population but I struggle with this, I am a bit of a clothes nerd I am afraid. I can however see that every time I have given something up that is vain I have gained from it so I hope to work myself into being a plainer person and a person who lives here and now and not in fantasy land, in the future or in the past. Now! That is the keyword.

I do headcovering and modest dress. I wear mainly scarves and headbands but I also have some hats and some decorative coverings. I used to use crochet caps but I have stopped wearing them now because I feel they give me the wrong kind of attention. I wear mainly long skirts and I don't wear things that are too lowcut. I am not legalistic about it though, I never want my modest dress to feel heavy or that it destroys my life. Because of that I sometimes wear shorter skirts in summer and shorts but I always make sure to cover the knee at least in a standing position. I wear sleeveless shirts and tops in summer as well but not in winter because in winter it is not practical and only something you do to show skin. In summer it is comfortable and I do not get too warm that way.

My dream is a house in the country with a big green house and garden. I would also like some hens and ducks but not the whole farm experience though as I am terribly allergic to most animals. I am on top of that also scared of horses and cows... Since I try to live in the now and not in the dream I have  a green house and lots of pots on my balcony and through that I manage to produce at least a fraction of our needs when it comes to vegetables. I also try to take care of the berries of the forest too (the Swedish allemansrätt gives people the right to pick berries in the forest despite it being owned by someone else or the state).

As of July 2012 I am the mother of Iris, my little rainbow! She shares her birthday with the US and she keeps me grounded and focused on live here and now. We breastfeed, do babywearing, co-sleeping and gentle parenting, all with Christ as a companion.